What Is Sports Massage

Most of the professional sportsmen claim that it is important to get massage beside exercises.

First Meet With Your Personal Trainer

You are ready to get into form but you don’t know where to start. If you are thinking of working with a personal trainer, you may want to prepare yourself for it.

How Often You Should Go To Massage

Massage is seen as a holiday activity by most of people. A service you only get while you are far away from your home… But when we look at the benefits of massage on muscles, sleep and cardiovascular health, we can say that it should be a lifestyle.

The History and Benefits of Thai Massage

Do you know that Thai massage is as effective as the most medical therapy in the treatment of pain? Thai massage is a dry massage therapy which is applied with stretchings like in yoga and it is nearly useful for every organ in human body. What you know about the history and benefits of this effective therapy?

The History and Benefits of Bali Massage

The Balinese massage is the perfect treatment to regain harmony between body and mind. Let's explore the technique, benefits and character of the Balinese massage.

7 Reason To Work With A Personal Trainer

There are lots of reasons for people to work with personal trainers. Some people demand special programs to lose weight or get in shape and others just want to improve exercise programs. Why you should get a personal trainer to reach your goals?